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Exclusively bringing the VOICE OF THE LORD 

The LORD Almighty gave a vision for ministry through the electronic media to Pastor Henry Gnanamanickam about four years back. Following the revelations that God had shown Pastor Henry and Sister Leena Grace, ministry through television was begun through Holy God television for some time. By the time efforts to convert the existing counselling-prayer room in the church building into a studio were on, television ministry was put on hold owing to difficulties, financial and otherwise. The studio make-over work too was eventually shelved.

However, during the last year, while ministering in the UK and Canada, God spoke specifically about satan’s schemes to bring darkness into the studio room and to make quick efforts to overcome the evil schemes of satan. The counselling-prayer room was in shambles, almost like a dumping ground where all the unwanted materials were put in. As soon as this room, which was proposed to be converted into a studio, was vacated of all the waste and unused things, the darkness which satan had brought began to disappear without a trace. Today the room stands a testimony to what human effort with the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit can do. While the process of fully equipping the studio to world standards was begun, the LORD, true to His promise / word God put into the mind of Pr Henry about the basic requirements and essentials for beginning media ministry through the web. Though Pr Henry approached knowledgeable people for help to begin this ministry, God spoke that the price quoted by the people would be far too big and the God himself would teach him, one step at a time. And so it was, just like the LORD led the people of Israel through the wilderness, along paths unknown, the LORD led Pr Henry practically on a daily basis, step by step. The LORD alone guided him to locate the best instruments needed to begin the ministry through media. Bro Vimal of Bangalore was with Pr Henry to enable him to put up the front side of the screen, or atleast what we now see on the web-page of the church. Being an electronic media and the necessary equipments costing dearly, it was again God’s intervention through his chosen vessels that the financial needs were met.

Today, ozionfm is a witness of what the LORD can do to further his kingdom in the days to come. The church believes ozionfm is a way to reach and preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. The goal and responsibility of this live radio will be to make the nations of the earth as disciples to Christ who will observe his commands and help us reach more souls.

According to this Vision from the Lord Jesus Christ. We intend to broadcast the Gospel all over the world through this media. Hear and Be blessed.